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More than a dozen Michigan cities have decriminalized marijuana possession. Michigan also allows the use of medical marijuana statewide for those with debilitating health conditions.

But illegal possession of marijuana remains a commonly charged offense.

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Changes In The Law On Cannabis Consumption

The state of the law on possessing and consuming cannabis and cannabis products is in a state of flux. Nationally, about half of the states allow medical marijuana for therapeutic purposes. There are also now four states that have legalized marijuana for recreational purposes.

Many local governments have also taken action to decriminalize low-level pot possession. The number of Michigan cities that have done this continues to grow. It has now reached 14 — including Detroit.

But marijuana is still a controlled substance under federal law, as it has been for decades. This makes for a tricky landscape to navigate, with federal, state and local laws all potentially in play.

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Even at the misdemeanor level, a conviction on marijuana possession charges carries considerable potential consequences. For example, it could affect your future employment prospects and result in the suspension of your driver's license privileges.

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