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Drunk driving is generally a misdemeanor offense. But there are certain situations in which prosecutors may try to charge you with a felony or seek other enhanced penalties against you.

The need for a proactive defense is particularly strong in these situations. At the Law Office of Barry A. Resnick, we are prepared to meet that need with experienced representation focused on finding a favorable resolution to the charges. From our office in Oakland County, we defend clients against drunk driving charges throughout Detroit area.

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Repeat Offenses: What Are The Consequences For Conviction?

Conviction of two alcohol-related offenses within seven years means the law considers you to be a repeat or habitual offender. The same is true of three convictions within a lifetime. Three or more convictions within seven years for driving on a revoked or suspended license can also trigger repeat offender status.

In addition to fines or jail time, penalties you could face as a repeat offender include:

  • Denial of vehicle registration
  • License suspension or revocation
  • Requirement to use an ignition interlock device
  • Forfeiture or immobilization of your vehicle

Let us use our knowledge of Michigan law to protect your rights when facing a repeat alcohol-related charge. We can do this no matter what the authorities allege about driving under the influence (DUI) or operating while intoxicated (OWI).

As a skilled repeat DUI defense attorney, Barry Resnick will represent you zealously and to the full extent of the law. He can challenge the evidence for your arrest and seek the most positive resolution possible under the facts of your case.

Felony Charges & Other Consequences: Get The Strong Defense You Need

Repeat offenses are not the only alcohol-related offenses that carry enhanced consequences. Others include:

  • Elevated blood alcohol level: Authorities may allege that you had an especially elevated blood alcohol content (BAC) above the .08 threshold for OWI. Under Michigan law, certain additional consequences come into play at .17.
  • Driving impaired and causing a fatal accident or an accident that resulted in someone else's serious injury. The impairment may be due to alcohol, illegal drugs or other intoxicating substances.

A conviction for felony DUI can result in a very long prison sentence. But at the Law Office of Barry A. Resnick, we have the knowledge and experience to safeguard your rights and advocate for your interests. As a former Oakland County prosecutor and veteran defense lawyer, Mr. Resnick knows how to make the system work for his clients as effectively as possible.

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