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Criminal defense attorney Barry A. Resnick aggressively represents your interests throughout the criminal law process. As your advocate in Michigan criminal courts, our firm defends against felony and misdemeanor charges. We negotiate reasonable pleas with prosecutors and pursue incidents of improper police work or misconduct to protect each client's rights.

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Detroit area former prosecutor

At the Law Office of Barry A. Resnick our trial attorney brings more than 30 years of criminal law experience to criminal defense cases. Attorney Resnick was a Wayne County prosecutor for eight years, worked as a part of an elite Special Assignment Squad that handled high-profile, high-publicity cases in Wayne County. He is highly respected by attorneys, former prosecutors, and judges throughout the Detroit area for his hard work, attention to detail, and aggressive protection of clients' rights.

Our law firm focuses 100 percent on criminal defense and DUI charges, working only on a retainer basis. We do not do court-appointed work. We provide a powerful voice for the accused in the Detroit metropolitan area and throughout Michigan.

Offering State And Federal Crime Defense Representation In All Criminal Matters

The firm handles a variety of drug-related charges, including trafficking. These drug charges are often also related to marijuana and prescription drugs.

Additionally, the firm maintains an active criminal defense practice defending the rights of those charged with crimes related to sex. These charges can involve accusations related to the possession of pornographic images, solicitation of a minor and sexual assault.

The firm also delivers experienced legal defense to client facing white collar charges. Clients from throughout the Detroit area seek our guidance when it comes to fighting back against charges of embezzlement and fraud, including mortgage fraud.

Our practice addresses the needs of anyone facing criminal charges. We handle anything from arson, to computer crimes and more.

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