Skilled Defense Against Arson Allegations

At the Law Offices of Barry A. Resnick, PLLC in Farmington Hills, our criminal defense law firm provides effective defense against arson charges in the Detroit metro area and throughout southeast Michigan. We are widely known in the legal community for our success in defending homeowners, business owners and other clients against arson charges.

If you are under investigation for arson or if your insurance company is threatening to file charges after a denied claim, reach out to us for help.

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What Are You Suspected Of?

In many cases, we represent people who have made fire loss claims after a house fire or business fire. If the insurance company denies the claim and accuses the policyholder of arson and insurance fraud, we provide effective criminal defense. We provide aggressive defense against charges involving:

  • Arson of insured property
  • Arson of real property
  • Preparation to burn property
  • Conspiracy to burn property

How Our Experience Can Benefit You

Barry A. Resnick brings over 40 years of criminal justice experience to cases involving arson and allegations of fire insurance fraud. As an assistant prosecuting attorney for Wayne County, Mr. Resnick successfully tried a series of arson cases. When he went into private practice, he began to receive referrals from Detroit law firms. Today, he is a highly sought-after defense attorney and adviser on arson law issues.

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