Going It Alone Can Cost Your License

In Michigan as in other states, an impaired driving charge really involves two cases. There is the criminal case, which carries such possible consequences as fines or even jail time. But there is also a second, related case: a civil case involving your driver’s license.

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When Can You Get Your License Back?

We know how to help you fight back against the criminal charge. From evidentiary issues to breath test refusal, many factors may be important to your case. Our firm is adept at raising the right issues to resolve the charge in a way that minimizes the consequences to you.

But retaining or regaining your privilege to drive is also important. After all, driving without a valid license is just asking for more trouble. We can take your side in the civil process and be an advocate for your right to drive.

Issues that arise in this process can include:

  • Restricted license — Limits driving to only specified settings such as to and from work or school
  • Suspended license — Takes away the privilege to drive for a specified period of time after an OWI conviction
  • Revoked license — Permanently takes away driving privileges. You can appeal to get it back, however, through the administrative hearings section of the Michigan Secretary of State’s Office.

Of course, driver’s license suspension DAAD (Driver Assessment and Appeal Division) hearings depend a lot on what type of drunk or drugged driving violation is at issue. Typically, for a first-time conviction for OWI, the suspension period is six months. But once your license has been suspended for the first 30 days of that period, it may be possible to apply for a restricted license.

Suspension or revocation can also involve specific issues related to elevated blood alcohol content (BAC) levels, as well as repeat offenses. Court-ordered requirements to use ignition interlock devices may also need to be addressed. A knowledgeable attorney from our firm can advise you on the issues that apply to you.

Getting The Strong Advocacy You Need

When you put our firm on your side, an experienced OWI defense lawyer will be looking out for your interests every step of the way. We have a proven record of helping people take action to get their licenses back.

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