Strong Defense Against Prescription Drug Charges

Drugs that require a prescription are generally perfectly legal for a patient to obtain, possess and use. In that respect, they are no different from over-the-counter drugs.

Yet law enforcement authorities are often determined to bring charges that are related to prescription drugs. What can you do when this happens to you?

You can start by getting an accomplished criminal defense attorney to handle your case. At the Law Offices of Barry A. Resnick, PLLC in Farmington Hills, we have the knowledge and experience to defend you against any drug charge and other allegations connected to it.

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Types Of Prescription Drug Charges

There are several ways in which police and prosecutors may try to tie you to illegal conduct involving prescription drugs. This could include:

  • Prescription fraud: Sometimes doctors and other health care providers become complicit in questionable distribution systems for prescription drugs. Prosecutors may claim that the drugs were prescribed fraudulently to benefit wrongfully from government reimbursement programs. We can protect your rights if you face such charges.
  • Synthetic drugs: Some drugs that are similar to prescription drugs may run afoul of authorities. These drugs carry names like synthetic marijuana, K2, Spice or Bath Salts. Our firm can vigorously defend you against allegations of illegal conduct concerning these drugs.
  • Online pharmacy scams: Federal regulators exert controls over online pharmacies. But it is not always clear when an online pharmacy is in compliance with the regulations. We can take your side in any dispute that arises with the authorities.
  • Theft offenses: Narcotic painkillers can be very addictive. In some cases, this can lead to property offenses that are motivated by drug addiction. Our firm will not let prosecutors throw you under the bus if that is what happened.

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