Skilled Defense Attorney Against Fraud Charges

Fraud is a broad term for various forms of deception. When prosecutors claim that your conduct has crossed the line into criminal culpability, you need to act quickly to make the strongest defense you can.

At the Law Offices of Barry A. Resnick, PLLC, you will find a proven criminal defense attorney with the knowledge and skill to defend you effectively against any type of fraud charge. Based in Farmington Hills, our firm serves clients throughout Oakland County and across the Detroit area.

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What Specific Fraud Charge Are You Facing?

Many types of fraud charges are possible under federal law or Michigan state law. They include:

  • Mortgage fraud: Mortgage loans typically require considerable documentation to verify income and other supporting information. Prosecutors may contend that you submitted misleading information or withheld key facts to defraud the lender. We will make sure your side of the story is heard.
  • Health care fraud: Medicare and Medicaid involve complicated billing and reimbursement procedures. If prosecutors allege wrongdoing, our firm can aggressively represent your interests.
  • Investment/securities fraud: When a financial investment doesn’t work out, authorities sometimes go looking for someone to blame. We will not let you be demonized for financial setbacks that were beyond your control.
  • Credit card fraud: Unauthorized use of credit or debit card information can result in various charges, from theft offenses to fraud. Our firm is committed to protecting your rights and finding a positive resolution.
  • Tax fraud: Many people struggle to comply with complicated state and federal tax laws. We can help you fight the charges if you are accused of a criminal tax offense.

Why Having An Experienced Defense Attorney Is So Important

Like other white collar crimes, fraud charges often involve many documents and associated information. Our experience helps us sort through these piles of documents and find the key elements of evidence that will help us build the strongest defense possible under the circumstances.

Barry Resnick is not only a highly experienced defense lawyer. He is also a former Wayne County prosecutor. This gives him a perspective on the criminal justice process that helps in developing defense strategies that are most likely to succeed.

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